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Edibles Restaurant and Bar

Edibles Restaurant and Bar Appetizer review by Maya Dukmasova, photos by Brandon Vick

Nestled in the cozy corner building wedged between Atlantic and University Avenues, Edibles is a Rochester restaurant with a warm, elegant atmosphere and a wide array of eclectic menu items. We recommend coming here to share appetizers with friends because they offer a taste of the classy and unexpected. The rest of the menu notwithstanding, you may be so tempted by the variety of starter options, ranging from Ukrainian borscht to tempura shrimp, that you’ll need more than one mouth to get a taste of it all. Without further ado, here are our favorites:

Homemade Perogies: To say that these were the best perogies I’ve ever had would be such a hyperbolic and subjective declaration that it could hardly be taken seriously. But, for what it’s worth, these were the best perogies I’ve ever had. Stuffed with potatoes creamy Gorgonzola cheese and topped with caramelized onions, a dollop of sour cream, and tart apple sauce, these dumplings were full of sophisticated flavors. The dough was perfectly tender and the cheesy taste of the smooth filling did not overpower the subtle flavor of apple. Perogies are a homey classic one would hardly expect to make an appearance on a stylish dinner menu, but at Edibles they were classed up just enough to make for comfort food that won’t cramp your style.

Truffle Tots: In the culinary world truffle oil is the equivalent of pearls in fashion. It instantly adds a bold, sophisticated flavor to any food item and needs no accompaniment. Usually, you’ll find its unmistakably pungent taste and smell on simple dishes like pasta or roasted vegetables. However, at Edibles, we encountered one of the most original application of this heavenly mushroom elixir – on tater tots. That’s right, the fast food breakfast staple which comes frozen and is deep fried to a galden crisp was tossed in truffle oil and dusted with porcini powder making for an addictive appetizer. The combination of crispy crust and tender interior was perfect and we were thoroughly impressed by the creative use of exotic ingredients to give such a simple item a gastronomical makeover. Our advice? Get two portions. You can also order the tots as a side.

Lunchbox Jumbo Shrimp: This item definitely wins in the presentation category. The shrimp is prepared in a tender tempura crust, coated with delicious, sweet and spicy sauce, and served on a bed of lettuce inside a quirky, plastic Chinese take out box with a pair of chopsticks. They’ve got a little kick and the shrimp are tender and at perfect temperature underneath the flaky crust. Usually, these sorts of Asian specialties are smothered in thick sauce to the point that the flavor of the actual item underneath is completely lost. Here again, Edibles impressed us with a moderate coating of sauce, just enough for flavor but not so much that the taste of shrimp was lost underneath. The stylish and original presentation made the dish a definite highlight of the evening’s appetizer spread.

Cranberry Stilton: Your first question may be, “What is a stilton?” We didn’t know either, but it turned out to be a delectable, semi-soft, grainy, young cow’s milk cheese embedded with cranberries. The taste is reminiscent of farmer’s cheese but it is far smoother and less acidic. The little block of cheese came with a small side of ginger-cranberry chutney adding texture and tang. We recommend this as a start or a finish to your meal because the subtlety of the flavors will get lost among the boldness of its competitors. The stilton needs either to glide onto your pallet fist, when it is still fresh and impressionable, or last to be the final note that lingers.