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By Adena Miller, photos by Brandon Vick

Chocolate. I’ll just have a little bit. Okay, maybe two. I wonder what’s inside this one…Sound familiar? What is it about a tiny morsel of edible satisfaction that can get us so unraveled? 

During a recent trip to Rochester’s Parkleigh, I tasted flavor profiles adoringly outside of my typical chocolate repertoire – Hedonist’s collection of goat cheese blended with chocolate. One by one, these perfectly petite truffles enticed me with their sophisticated appearance and titles – honey fig, strawberry balsamic and cinnamon Chile. Sweet and savory, the chocolates were mild with delectable bursts of intensity found in each bite. 

Chocolate specialist Gina Chapman says there is an appropriate way to indulge. “To properly savor the chocolate one must chew a small bit of it, place it in the front of the mouth, then press to the roof of the mouth and let it melt with your body temperature. Note to your self the highs and lows in the chocolate. Eat the other half and repeat, but this time pay closer attention, as you will get more information.”

Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or aficionado, it seems to me that the chemical make-up of chocolates hold the temptress gift of taking you on a joyous emotional journey, which at times can verge into addiction territory. Sometimes flavors may lead you to feel a sense of happiness or excitement, while others may evoke sensations of sheer pleasure or complete satisfaction. There is no right or wrong when selecting these treasures, just personal preference mixed with a little adventure. So why not explore? I suggest you enjoy the tasty ride.